Welcome to the documentation of e-MANTIS!

e-MANTIS is the Emulator for Multiple observable ANalysis in extended cosmological TheorIeS. It is a cosmological emulator capable of performing fast and accurate predictions for multiple observables in the non-linear regime of structure formation. The predictions are calibrated using outputs from cosmological N-body simulations.

The emulator is divided in multiple modules, each one focusing on a particular observable. This project is under constant development and more modules will progressively be added in the future.


You can install the emulator from PyPI via pip:

pip install emantis

Or you can directly clone the emulator from our public repository and install it from source:

git clone https://gitlab.obspm.fr/e-mantis/e-mantis.git
cd e-mantis
pip install [-e] .

The emulator needs the following python packages to be installed in order to work:

  1. NumPy

  2. scikit-learn

  3. h5py

Available modules, description/usage/examples

The currently available modules are:

Matter power spectrum:

Additional modules covering more observables and cosmological models are under development. Stay tuned!